Ground and Leaves

Ground and Leaves start as a solo project in 2012. A series of DIY records are published in the following years. With guitar and voice, the albums are recorded entirely live in an effort to obtain the best result.

2020 Secret Words Between Devil and Soul
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Our Moods – 2013

Our Moods – 2013

Release Date: 2013-07-01
Genres: Folk, Pop Folk
People: Ground and Leaves
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1. And I Run
2. Goodmorning Sweetheart
3. The Colors Song
4. Our Moods
5. Never Met Love
6. Falling Down the Little Birds from the Blue Sky
7. Hateshame
8. Kill Man Kill
9. And Cut
10. Earthdown
11. Say Hello to the Lonely Star
12. Keep Up the Scene
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